Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Shower Heads
1.How can I replace my instruction manual?

Please use the following link to access our list of current shower product instruction manuals

» Online Instruction Manuals

2.Where can I purchase Water Pik shower heads?

Retail locations are listed at the bottom of each product page or from our on-line store at:


3.Where can I purchase a replacement bracket or hose?

Please use the following link to access our on-line store at:


Please note: If your shower is more than 5 years old, current replacement brackets may not be compatible with your shower head as the bracket has been re-designed.

4.What is the warranty period of my shower product?

Most shower products manufactured after 2005 have a limited lifetime warranty. We may request a copy of your dated retail sales receipt for warranty validation. It is not necessary to register your product.

5.What is the Trickle/Pause Feature?

Some Water Pik shower massage products have a PAUSE setting. United States building codes do not allow the shower head to completely shut off the water supply, the PAUSE setting does not stop the flow of water from the shower head. It restricts the water to 1/2 to 1 gallon per minute. A shut off valve is not available through Water Pik.

6.How do I install my Flex Shower?

The threads that screw on to your shower pipe are located deepinside of the flex hose nut. Simply slide the nut over your shower pipe and turn the entire unit ensuring that you do not twist the flex hose. If you are in need of further assistance please use the following link.

» Customer Service

7.Why is there is no water flowing from my shower?

Please use the following link to access our Ask Water Pik page.

» Ask Water Pik