EasySelect® Shower Heads

A Range of Experiences Right at your Fingertips

PowerSpray+ EasySelect® shower heads include the revolutionary EasySelect® spray selector that's conveniently located on the handle or face of the product. With the EasySelect® selector, you can switch settings easily and enjoy a refreshingly invigorating shower experience to wash off the day's tensions.

"The Waterpik® EasySelect® shower head is incredible! It's so easy to change settings. I love it. I actually look forward to my shower now." — Jill from Los Angeles, CA

Hand Held Shower Heads

This family of PowerSpray+ EasySelect® hand held shower heads includes the revolutionary EasySelect® spray selector that’s conveniently located on the handle or at the bottom of the face. With EasySelect®, you can switch settings easily and enjoy a variety of refreshing, invigorating shower experiences to wash off the day’s tensions. Get the benefits of a high-pressure massaging shower head, a full body power spray, and more all in a single product.


5 Spray Settings

  • Brushed Nickel

5 Spray Settings

  • Chrome

4 Spray Settings

  • Chrome
  • White

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Rain Shower Heads

These stylish rain shower heads include the revolutionary EasySelect® feature, which puts spray selection at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to enjoy multiple refreshing experiences mid-shower. RainFall+ EasySelect® rain shower heads are also designed with OptiFLOW® technology, which increases the water force up to 30%.


4 Spray Settings

  • Chrome

7 Spray Settings

  • Chrome

About EasySelect® Shower Heads

Changing spray settings on many shower heads can be frustrating. Fortunately, EasySelect® shower heads provide a simple, straightforward solution that puts a variety of shower experiences at your fingertips.

The Problem: Traditional Spray Selectors

Water Pik product developers wanted to discover what frustrated people about their current shower heads. After talking with consumers, we learned that:

  • Changing traditional spray mode selectors is difficult and messy
  • Traditional spray mode selectors are hard to grip
  • Changing traditional spray mode selectors is often a two-handed operation

Traditional spray mode selectors require you to reach through the spray to change modes, resulting in water spraying everywhere. And spray mode selectors can be slippery and difficult to operate.

The Solution: EasySelect® Spray Selectors

Water Pik developed the EasySelect® product line to improve your shower experience in several innovative ways:

  • Move the spray mode selector into a much more convenient Location
  • Make changing the spray pattern mode an easy, one-handed operation

With the EasySelect® design, we moved the spray selector so it is conveniently on the handle or at the bottom of the face or shower head arm, instead of on the shower head. We also created easy-to-grip selector designs, which make changing the spray pattern simple and quick.

EasySelect® Spray Selector Designs

EasySelect® is the future of shower head design. We are expanding our EasySelect® product line to feature a variety of shower head types, styles, and finishes—all at a great value. With the wide selection of EasySelect® shower head designs, there is a great shower experience awaiting everyone!

Handle Spray Selector

  • No more struggling with slippery spray rings or reaching into the water flow
  • Installs in minutes, lifetime warranty

Easy Turn Spray Dial

  • Change spray settings easily with a convenient dial selector located on the Shower head face
  • Installs in minutes, lifetime warranty

Arm Spray Selector

  • Easy-to-reach spray selector located at the base of shower head arm
  • nstalls in minutes, lifetime warranty

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Andrea Vecchio from Studio B talks with HGTV's Kelly Edwards about updating your bathroom and installing a Waterpik® EasySelect® shower head.

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