Water Pik Innovative Features

At Water Pik, we push the boundaries of both design and innovation. The end result is a broad family of shower heads that combine fresh styles and designs with best-in-class performance—all at a great value.

Waterpik EasySelect Shower Heads


A Range of Experiences Right at Your Fingertips.

Changing spray settings on many shower heads can be frustrating. Fortunately, the new EasySelect® shower heads provide a simple, straightforward solution that puts a variety of shower experiences at your fingertips. We designed the spray selector so it is conveniently on the handle or at the bottom of the face, instead of on the shower head. The EasySelect® shower head is designed to offer effortless indulgence in a wide range of shower experiences.

Shower Heads with EasySelect®:

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Waterpik is an EPA WaterSense partner


Conservation Without Compromise.

Our EcoFlow® low flow shower heads are engineered to reduce water usage without sacrificing a powerful and invigorating shower experience.

All of our EcoFlow® products include:

  • Innovative water saving features
  • Advanced performance for a satisfying shower experience
  • High-style design to fit any shower room
  • Savings on your water and energy bills

Try our water saving shower head calculator to find out how much you can save with an EcoFlow® low flow shower head

More About EcoFlow®

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EcoFlow (ECO-563), Chrome

Water Saving Volume Control

Adjustable Water Control at Each Setting.

Shower heads with the innovative water-volume control feature allow you to easily control the water volume in any shower setting. Dial from full flow or EcoFlow® all the way down to a trickle. Great for saving water while shaving or lathering up, this feature puts the power to save water and money right at your fingertips.

Shower Heads with Water Volume Control:

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Twin Turbo dual shower heads

Twin Turbo

Dual Shower Head Experience With Shoulder-to-Shoulder Massage.

Twin Turbo shower heads from Water Pik offer the latest innovation in massage technology. Two side-by-side turbo massage jets simultaneously deliver incredible massaging power with shoulder-to-shoulder coverage. Enjoy a dual-shower experience with one shower head that delivers the famous Water Pik standard for performance and quality.

Shower Heads with Twin Turbo:

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OptiFLOW for more shower pressure


OptiFLOW for more shower pressure

Up to 30% More Force

Even at low water pressures, OptiFLOW® technology can improve water force up to 30% by more efficiently channeling water. Waterpik® shower heads are engineered with OptiFLOW® to deliver the power.