OptiFLOW® Shower Head Performance

Our design engineers test and refine all of our shower heads to meet or exceed OptiFLOW® performance standards. Providing up to 30% more force than other shower heads, even at low water pressures, OptiFLOW® channels water to maximize water flow and force.

OptiFLOW power in Waterpik Shower Heads

OptiFLOW® Design

OptiFLOW® is a set of design standards. Regardless of the type of shower head, number of spray settings, or other factors, we engineer every part of the shower head, from the inside out, to maximize water flow and force. The result? Powerful shower heads.

The Power Behind Waterpik® Shower Heads

Our rigorous shower head performance tests ensure that every Waterpik® shower head meets or exceeds the demanding OptiFLOW® requirements:

1. Minimum water flow test
Verifies that the shower head maintains a minimum flow rate at low water pressure
2. Maximum water flow test
Verifies that the shower head maintains the flow rate as the water moves through the shower head
3. Flow distance test
Verifies that the shower head spray covers a specific distance and area
4. Water force test
Verifies that the different shower head spray modes deliver a specific level of force

What are Flow and Pressure?

Water flow and water pressure are key components of shower head performance:

The amount of moving water measured in gallons per minute (GPM); government rules limit shower heads to a maximum output of 2.5 gallons per minute
The force of the water, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)