Fixed Mount Shower Heads

Power and performance at a great price.

Fixed mount shower heads make a great addition if you prefer a clean, modern look for your shower. Choose among a wide variety of PowerSpray+ models such as the Original Shower Massage®, the FlexNeck flexible shower heads and others - all of which offer an enjoyable shower experience you can look
forward to every day. Or consider our EcoFlow® shower heads if you
are looking for a powerful yet eco-friendly shower.

Fixed Mount Shower Heads

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PowerSpray+™ NSL-653 Fixed Mount Shower Head

PowerSpray+ Shower Heads

Featuring power and performance, this PowerSpray+ shower head line lets you:

  • Choose from a variety of settings, including full-body power spray
  • Fit a range of budgets with an impressive combination of performance and design
  • Upgrade your bathroom with a choice of styles from traditional to modern

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PowerSpray+™ Original Shower Massage SM-423

PowerSpray+ Original Shower Massage® Shower Heads

Water Pik invented the first pulsating shower massage, and this innovation lives on today with the PowerSpray+ Original Shower Massage® shower heads:

  • Relax with massaging shower heads featuring Water Pik pulsating massage technology
  • Depend on classic styling and a satisfying, high-performance shower
  • Choose the spray mode that fits your mood, from strong massage to gentle spray

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PowerSpray+™ FlexNeck NSL-603 Fixed Mount Shower Head

PowerSpray+™ FlexNeck Shower Heads

The PowerSpray+ FlexNeck from Water Pik includes a convenient 18-inch flexible shower arm:

  • Adjust the shower head height and angle quickly and easily
  • Rely on a shower head arm that bends then stays where you want it
  • Make shower cleaning easier with the moveable shower head spray

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TwinTurbo DSL-623 Fixed Mount Shower Head

PowerSpray+™ Twin Turbo Shower Heads

PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo provides a unique dual shower head experience within a single shower head:

  • Enjoy 6 high performance spray settings including the invigorating twin massage
  • Revitalize with simultaneous shoulder-to-shoulder coverage
  • Switch to the soothing mist spray when you want a softer shower experience

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Ecoflow ECO-563 Fixed Mount Shower Head

EcoFlow® Shower Heads

EcoFlow® low flow shower heads deliver advanced performance with water-saving features so you can:

  • Conserve water without sacrificing a powerful and refreshing shower
  • Reduce water consumption and save on water and energy bills
  • Find the perfect low flow shower head to fit any bathroom

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