Hand Held Shower Heads

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With the additional reach offered by a 5-foot hose, hand held shower heads allow you to shower while seated, bathe the kids or pets, and easily clean the shower. Waterpik® hand held shower heads offer a wide range of innovative functions, styles and finishes. Choose from PowerSpray+ shower head™ models with our revolutionary EasySelect® spray selector or the powerful and invigorating Original Shower Massage shower heads®. Or try our WaterSense® certified EcoFlow® shower heads that help conserve water without sacrificing a great shower experience.

Hand Held Shower Heads

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PowerSpray+™ NSL-653 Hand Held Shower Head

PowerSpray+™ Hand Held Shower Heads

With this PowerSpray+ hand held shower head line, you can experience power and performance:

  • Select a shower head with up to 12 spray settings – from invigorating massage to soothing mist
  • Choose from our extensive collection of shower head finishes and styles
  • Find styles that easily match any bathroom design

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EasySelect LAR-563 Hand Held Shower Head

PowerSpray+™ EasySelect® Hand Held Shower Heads

This family of PowerSpray+ EasySelect® hand held shower heads lets you:

  • Simplify your shower with the convenient EasySelect® spray selector
  • Switch settings easily and enjoy a variety of refreshing shower experiences
  • Get a versatile and easy-to-use hand held shower head

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PowerSpray+™ Original Shower Massage SM-3UC

PowerSpray+ Original Shower Massage® Shower Heads

Water Pik invented the pulsating shower massage, and our legacy lives on:

  • Relax with Water Pik pulsating massage technology
  • Get an incredibly satisfying, high-performance shower experience
  • Appreciate the classic styling, multiple settings, and variety of finishes

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TwinTurbo DSL-653 Hand Held Shower Head

PowerSpray+™ Twin Turbo Hand Held Shower Heads

Choose our PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo hand held shower head so you can:

  • Enjoy a unique dual-shower experience with a single shower head
  • Relieve tension with powerful massaging jets
  • Start your day right with simultaneous shoulder-to-shoulder coverage

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Ecoflow ECO-563 Hand Held Shower Head

EcoFlow® Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held EcoFlow® low flow shower heads let you conserve without compromise:

  • Combine the convenience of a hand held shower head and the benefits of saving water and money
  • Engineered to optimize shower performance and meet EPA WaterSense® certification requirements
  • Some models feature a built-in fingertip flow control to reduce flow to a trickle while shampooing, conditioning, or shaving

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