SBJL 063VB hand held shower head

SBJL-063VB Chrome PowerSpray+™ Hand Held Shower Heads

12 Spray Settings

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This premium PowerSpray+™ shower head includes a sliding bar and offers a contemporary take on the traditional shower head design. Featuring sleek and soft lines, it fits a variety of shower styles, from traditional to modern. The unique sliding bar lets you easily adjust the height of your shower head by sliding it up or down the bar. The innovative water-volume control also allows you to select full flow or EcoFlow® in any setting. Engineered with Waterpik® OptiFLOW® technology, every shower will invigorate your body from head to toe with 30% more water force.

Product Features

  • 4" Diameter Head
  • 2-ft Chrome Slide Bar
  • Advanced OptiFLOW® Technology
  • Anti-Clog Nozzles
  • Hand Shower with 5-ft Hose
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Water Saving Flow Control

Spray Settings

  • High/Low Full Body
  • High/Low Full Body + PowerSpray™
  • High/Low Full Body + Massage
  • High/Low Misting Spray
  • High/Low PowerSpray™
  • High/Low Pulsating Massage

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