PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo Hand Held Shower Heads
5 Spray Settings LDL-563 (Chrome) LDL-569 (Brushed Nickel)

With Waterpik® brand showerheads, you can take your shower to an extraordinary new place, where you'll experience the wondrous power of water in the most relaxing, refreshing and invigorating new ways. Enjoy the Twin Turbo 2X massaging action and change your spray settings with Easy Setting. You no longer have to reach into the water stream to change your settings.

$59.99 retail




  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel

Where to Buy - Chrome

  • The Home Depot

Where to Buy - Brushed Nickel

  • The Home Depot

Guides & Manuals

Spray Settings

  • Full Body
  • PowerSpray™
  • Twin Massage
  • Advanced Mist
  • Water Saving Mist