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Headshot of Melissa Venable, outside, with long brown hair, wearing a black tank top, necklace and earrings

Brighten Your World and the Lives of Others

Program Benefits Hope Lives! Breast Cancer Support Center

September 22, 2015

Melissa Venable, Executive Director of Hope Lives!

If you are familiar with Waterpik® Water Flossers, you know the difference they make when it comes to your oral health. I hate to admit it, but before receiving a Water Flosser of my own, I wasn’t much of a flosser. Oh sure, I’d floss before a dental appointment, or if I had something stuck in my teeth that a toothpick couldn’t reach. But overall, flossing was one part of my oral care routine that was pretty much non-existent.

Fortunately, now that I have my own Waterpik® Pink Aquarius® Designer Series Water Flosser—all of that has changed! I now use my new Water Flosser twice a day every day because it is so easy. And I love the way my mouth feels afterwards.

Waterpik® Pink Water Flosser and Hope Lives!

As a new Water Flosser convert, I can certainly speak to the difference it makes in the area of oral health. However, as the Executive Director of a non-profit breast cancer support center called Hope Lives, I’d also like to speak to the difference that Water Pik as a company has made in the community at large.

You see, Water Pik committed to donating $10 from every Pink Aquarius® Designer Series Water Flosser sold during October 2015 to Hope Lives. This generous contribution through the Brighten Your World campaign provided Hope Lives with funds to support our vital Complementary Care Program.

Range of Services Help Women Battling Breast Cancer

The Hope Lives Complementary Care Program provides beneficial, post-diagnosis support services to women who are battling breast cancer. They range from holistic wellness services such as acupuncture (to relieve the nausea and fatigue brought on by chemo), nutritional counseling, emotional counseling, and lymphatic massage (to help rid the body of toxins) to lifestyle support services including house cleaning, errand services, and meal preparation.

Hope Lives also has a wig bank where breast cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy may choose a wig for free.

These services, and the many others offered by Hope Lives, help to support a woman and strengthen her physically and emotionally as she goes through the grueling battle of breast cancer treatment. Most importantly, these services are paid for by Hope Lives and are therefore offered completely free of charge to the women who need them.

By partnering with Hope Lives, Water Pik shows that it is a company not only committed to excellence in the areas of oral care product design and technology, but also in the areas of philanthropy and community support.

Thank You for Helping

For those who purchased a Pink Aquarius® Designer Series Water Flosser, you can feel good knowing that you made a positive difference not only in your own oral health, but also in lives of the numerous breast cancer patients served by Hope Lives.

HOPE LIVES in the hearts and spirits of breast cancer patients because of the generous support of individuals like you and companies like Water Pik!