Job Title: Engineering Test Lab Supervisor III

Manages the Engineering Test Lab and external resources to meet company requirements for testing of products and prototypes. Ensures all agency and company requirements for measurement and testing of products and prototypes are met. Has responsibility for the design, construction, and implementation of test fixtures and stands.

Job Duties Include

  • Schedules and controls work flow through the Test Lab, using TPRs and Test Matrices.
  • Controls cost of testing, building test apparatus, supplies, and outside services to maintain efficient use of funds and meet budgetary demands.
  • Participates with engineers in the development of testing programs, test methods, and test apparatus designs and has ultimate responsibility for those programs, methods and designs.
  • Develops Test Matrices and Summaries in conjunction with the Engineering Manager.
  • Recommends and specifies key input in vendor selection for outside testing, test fixture and stand construction.
  • Works with outside resources on fixtures and stands to insure necessary delivery dates and correct function of each item.
  • Provides training for personnel to use all test equipment, perform company and agency testing, and make any needed measurements of parts or physical parameters of systems. Coordinates and enforces the safe use of machinery and electrical equipment.
  • Evaluates employee performance according to management guidelines. Keeps all departmental and applicable company procedures up to date and enforced.
  • Expands Test Lab capabilities by seeking new techniques and technologies. Evaluates new technologies for improved testing and measurement capabilities. Specifies and recommends capital acquisitions to purchase state of the art testing and measurement equipment to keep WPI in a position of product leadership.
  • Provides leadership, which is consistent with the company’s philosophy.
  • Prepares department budget and capital plan and maintains compliance with plans.
  • Coordinates all Test Lab activities with New Product teams, NP&E functional departments, and WPI Business Units to maximize productivity of the Test Lab and maintain Company, NP&E project goals and plans as well as support the Business Units.
  • Oversees the Lab’s TPR system, Preventative Maintenance system, MSDS system, Chemical Inventory and Safety program.
  • Responsible and has the authority to define, implement and measure the effectiveness of the quality system according to established procedures.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science – Engineering
  • Thorough understanding of physics, mathematics, statistics and scientific methodology.
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience in the testing and measurement of products and parts.
  • Experience in training people in execution of testing methods and use of equipment is essential.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Proficient in the areas of identifying and contracting with outside resources when demands exceed capabilities of in-house resources; agency testing, test stand and fixture fabrication, advanced measurement requirements.

Additional Documents

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