Good News for People Who Hate to Floss

New Clinical Research: Waterpik® Water Flosser Removes Plaque More Effectively Than String Floss

FORT COLLINS, Colo. () New research published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry has found that water flossing is significantly more effective at removing plaque than string floss. The study, which compared how well two groups of individuals were able to remove plaque from their teeth, found that the Waterpik® Water Flosser was up to 29% more effective than string floss for plaque removal, in conjunction with regular brushing.1

"This study provides further clinical evidence that water flossing is a more effective alternative to traditional dental floss, which backs up what I see in my practice every day," said Chicago-area hygienist Patricia Zampa, RDH. "For my patients who use the Water Flosser, I see better plaque removal, less gingival bleeding, and overall healthier gum tissue. This study is great news for people who don’t like to floss—they don’t have to feel guilty about tossing the string floss that’s been collecting dust in their medicine cabinet for years. They really have a great alternative."

BioSci Research Canada Ltd. in Ontario conducted the new research on water flossers, which included 70 subjects who participated in a randomized, single-use, single-blind, parallel clinical study. Participants were divided into two groups: one used a Waterpik® Water Flosser plus a manual toothbrush; the other used waxed string floss plus a manual toothbrush. Scores were recorded using a standard measurement index to determine the amount of plaque that each individual was able to remove adding string floss versus the water flosser.2

According to the research team, the results of the study were dramatic. Compared to string floss, the Waterpik® Water Flosser was up to:

  • 29% more effective at removing plaque overall
  • 29% more effective at removing plaque from the surfaces between the teeth
  • 33% more effective at cleaning along the gumline

The new research comes out as dental hygienists commemorate the 100th anniversary of their profession. Before there was a dental hygiene profession, a trip to the dentist largely consisted of filling cavities and pulling teeth, often without anesthetic, and American adults typically lost some or all of their teeth. Today, people keep most of their teeth and a visit to the dental office is typically focused on preventive care, with dental hygienists recommending new technologies for improving their patient’s oral health such as the sonic toothbrush and the Waterpik® Water Flosser.

"This latest plaque removal research on the Waterpik® Water Flosser shows conclusively that there is no need for people to struggle with the antiquated technology of string floss," said Jay McCulloch, Vice President of Marketing for Water Pik, Inc. "These results build on more than 50 other studies that show the Water Flosser is ideal for people with implants, crowns, bridges, braces and other dental work, as well as for anyone who wants a healthy and attractive smile."

The full study was recently published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry. Additional details on the study and its results can also be found at

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1. Goyal CR, Lyle DM, Qaqish JG, Schuller R. Evaluation of the plaque removal efficacy of a water flosser compared to string floss in adults after a single use. J Clin Dent 2013;24(2):37-42.
2. Scores were recorded for whole mouth, marginal, approximal, facial and lingual regions for each subject using the Rustogi Modification of the Navy Plaque Index.