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Now Flossing is Fun and Easy for Kids!

April 20, 2011

Scott H.

How often do you floss? Now, how much do your kids floss? The fact is most people simply don't floss as much as is recommended – and children floss even less.

Let's face it. It can be really challenging for parents to ensure that their children are taking good care of their teeth, including brushing and flossing. In fact, according to a recent study by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, 42 percent of mothers in the U.S. agreed that their kids needed to improve their oral healthcare regimen, and 20 percent of parents reported that their child had at least one cavity in the past year.

Beyond the challenges for parents to get their children to brush, it's an even bigger challenge to get them to floss on a regular basis, especially when many parents don't floss themselves.

At Water Pik, Inc. we're trying to do our part to make your family's health and wellness easier, more effective, and even fun. That's why we're so excited to launch our new Waterpik® Water Flosser For Kids. Smaller in design than some of our other countertop water flossers, the Water Flosser For Kids includes an easy-to-use, kid-friendly design. And because we know kids have minds of their own, each product comes with fun decals kids can use to decorate and personalize their very own flosser.

We know it's not an easy job to stay on top of your child's flossing. Our promise is to continue to offer products that make dental care fun for your kids, take the struggle out of traditional flossing, and help keep you and your family on the right path to improving your oral health.