Enjoy the Benefits of a Healthier Smile

By Carol Jahn, RDH, MS, Senior Professional Relations Manager
August 22, 2012

Enjoy the Benefits of a Healthier Smile

Do you hate to floss? Are you confused about when to floss or even how to floss? If so, you are not alone. Surveys show (and your dental hygienist would probably agree) that only about 30% of adults use floss. And even if you floss, you might not do it well enough to prevent gingivitis.

There's an Easier Way to Floss

If you are struggling with flossing, the Waterpik® Water Flosser can help. Waterpik® Water Flossers are easier to use than dental floss. The ergonomic handle is easy to grip, and water flossing is simple. Just move the Water Flosser tip along the gumline and between your teeth for effective cleansing. The advanced pressure control has 10 settings to fit individual needs.

Waterpik® Water Flossers are clinically proven 50% more effective than dental floss for reversing gingivitis and improving gum health. The unique combination of pulsation and water pressure helps the Water Flosser clean deep below the gumline to remove harmful bacteria that dental floss cannot reach.

Combine Water Flossing with a Sonic Toothbrush for Superior Oral Health

If you use a sonic toothbrush, you may wonder if you need a Water Flosser. Yes you do, because brushing is not enough! Waterpik® Complete Care combines the Water Flosser and the Waterpik® Sensonic® Professional Toothbrush. You can meet all of your brushing and flossing needs with one convenient device.

Learn about Waterpik Complete Care Waterpik Complete Care is the convenient and effective way to water floss and brush your teeth for superior oral health.

A recent study compared the effectiveness of the Waterpik® Complete Care system to the Sonicare® FlexCare toothbrush and a manual toothbrush. The results of the study speak for themselves.

The Waterpik® Complete Care regime was significantly more effective at improving gum health:

  • Waterpik® Complete Care was up to 70% more effective than the Sonicare® FlexCare.
  • Waterpik® Complete Care was up to 159% more effective than a manual toothbrush.

If you are looking for a convenient, effective, and easy way to floss with the benefits of sonic toothbrush technology, try Waterpik® Complete Care. Enjoy better gum health, reduce gingivitis and plaque, and show off a healthier smile!