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Mom and Son Love to Floss

The rewards of water flossing: easy, effective, and addictive!

September 19, 2013

Carrie B.

My son just got braces a few months ago, and thankfully for both of us, I started working at Water Pik. As a new employee, it’s good practice to know your products and stand behind them. So, I decided to try the Complete Care system and the Water Flosser For Kids. It’s no surprise that my son and I love our products. You might even say we are flossing addicts — here’s why.

Flossing is Fun for Son

I showed my son how to use the Water Flosser For Kids. He is 8 years old, and I was dreading the shower that was about to happen all over the bathroom. But after a trying it a few times and exploring all the bells and whistles on the unit, my son successfully mastered it. He can easily fill the tank with water and begin flossing.

Sometimes, when he flushes out a chunk of food, he delights in telling me the details. (Ugh!) But I’m glad that the chunks are coming out, and he is taking the time to floss. I think the dentist and the orthodontist will be equally thrilled at his next checkups.

Mom Gets Even Cleaner

First, a little history. About 10 years ago, my hygienist threatened that if I didn’t start flossing, I was going to have gum disease and need gum grafts, among other things. That got my attention, so I began flossing daily with string floss. Since then, my checkups have been excellent, and my dentist tells me I have great oral care.

Now I have Complete Care, a water flosser with separate electric toothbrush in one unit. Most nights, I brush, string floss, and then water floss. But when I’m really tired, I just brush and water floss.

I love the feel of the water stream jetting on my teeth and gums. My teeth feel super clean, and I’m sure my next checkup will earn me 5 plus stars. And, I must say, I am excited when a chunk of food comes out, just like my son!

A Flossing Addiction?

I am addicted to my new Complete Care, I admit it. What gets me into trouble is when I sneak into the bathroom after a meal, I turn on the water flosser, and my son has to wait for me. "You said you were coming outside to play catch," I hear him yelling. "I am, just after I floss."

You see, I am addicted. You will be, too. And your teeth and gums will thank you for it!

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