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Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion®: Significantly More Effective than Sonicare® DiamondClean for Removing Plaque and Improving Gum Health

Comparison of a novel sonic toothbrush to a traditional sonic brush on clinical signs of inflammation: A randomized clinical trial

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To determine the effectiveness of Waterpik® Sonic–Fusion® in reducing plaque and the clinical signs of inflammation as compared to Sonicare® DiamondClean.


This is a randomized, controlled, parallel clinical trial. Thirty five subjects who met the criteria were enrolled into each group. One group used Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion®, brushing for two minutes and flossing for one minute, and one group used the Sonicare® DiamondClean. Inflammation was measured using bleeding on probing (BOP) and the Modified Gingival Index (MGI) at baseline, 2-weeks and 4-weeks. The Rustogi Modified Navy Plaque Index (RMNPI) scores were measured at baseline, 2-weeks and 4-weeks. All subjects were provided written and verbal instructions.


Both Sonic-Fusion® and Sonicare® DiamondClean showed a significant reduction in BOP and MGI from baseline to 4-weeks (p<0.001). The Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion® group was significantly more effective than the Sonicare® DiamondClean for BOP and MGI (P<0.001) and significantly more effective for plaque reduction.


This study demonstrates that the Waterpik® Sonic–Fusion® is significantly more effective than Sonicare® DiamondClean for improving oral health.