Waterpik® ClearView Complete Kit

The Waterpik® ClearView Complete Kit includes the unique hourglass-shaped ClearView ring and the complete selection of wedges and non-stick matrices; color-coded to easily and accurately select the desired size.

Complete Kit Includes:
2 - Universal Rings
1 - Ring Forceps
Non-stick Matrices:
20 - 4.6mm (light gray)
20 - 3.8mm with extension (light blue)
20 - 5.5mm (dark blue)
20 - 6.4mm with extension (purple)
20 - 6.4mm (green)
25 – Extra-small (white)
25 – Small (light blue)
25 – Medium (dark blue)
25 – Large (purple)

*Versus other rings. Data on file.

Product Benefits

Complete selection of matrices and wedges

ClearView Ring has 25% more Access and Visibility*

Easy-to-use color-coded wedges and non-stick matrices

Outstanding restorations with tighter contacts

Product Manuals

Instructions for Use : En

Technique Guide : En