Waterpik® ClearView Sectional Matrix Ring

The unique hourglass shape of the Waterpik® ClearView Ring provides 25% more area for Access and Visibility of the restoration site. Innovative V-shaped gripping tines are designed to eliminate "spring-off", produce tight and accurate contacts, and minimize flash. Also, the ClearView Ring retains its strength for consistent and predictable restorations over time.

The unique hourglass Ring design produces up to 35% more tooth separation force.

Either one ring may be used for the restoration or two rings may be stacked one over the other for performing M.O.D.'s and multiple-tooth restorations.

Ring Refill Includes:
2 - Universal Rings

*Versus other rings. Data on file.

Product Benefits

Unique hourglass Ring design for Access and Visibility

25% more Access and Visibility*

Up to 35% more tooth separation force*

Gripping tines designed to eliminate “spring-off” and reduce flash

Stackable for M.O.D. restoration

Product Manuals

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Technique Guide : En