February 2014 Professional Oral Care Newsletter

Waterpik® Aquarius™ Professional Water Flosser

The dawning of a new age in water flossing

It's time to make peace with your patients who can't, won't, or don't like to floss. The Waterpik® Aquarius™ Professional Water Flosser is the newest and best (we think) Water Flosser yet. Its contemporary, compact and ergonomic design has upgraded features both you and your patients will love:

  • On/off control on handle to stop the flow of water
  • Two Water Flossing modes:
    • Floss for the ultimate in interproximal cleaning
    • Hydro-Pulse massage for enhanced gum stimulation & circulation
  • LED mode indicator lights
  • 1-minute time and 30 second pacer for optimized cleaning of all areas of the mouth
  • Seven unique tips: 3 Classic Jet Tips, 1 Plaque Seeker® Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Pik Pocket™ Tip, and 1 Toothbrush Tip
  • 3 year warranty
Be the first to try the Aquarius™ call 1-800-525-2020 to take advantage of our Special Professional Trial Offer of $39.99.

Click here to learn more about the Aquarius™.
Waterpik Professional Water flossers

New for 2014:
An exclusive professional grade line of Water Flossers

Including the Waterpik® Aquarius™ Professional Water Flosser

We know the majority of people purchase a Water Flosser based on a dental professional's recommendation.  That's why we wanted you to have our most innovative product first.  This gives you the opportunity to provide your patients with something special they will not be available to find at retail.

In addition to the Aquarius™ our professional line includes:

Are you interested in becoming a part-time, independent professional educator for Water Pik? 

We are searching for Professional Educators across the US to conduct 3-6 lunch and learn presentations per month

If you are a dental hygienist with 3+ years of clinical experience, work 3 days a week or less, and love the Water Flosser, we would like to talk with you!

Please send your resume and a letter of interest to:
Carol Jahn, RDH, MS,
Senior Professional Relations Manager,
email cjahn@waterpik.com

Electronic submissions only will be accepted.