Do fit people have worse oral health?

Athletes are at-risk for poor oral health<

thletes are at-risk for poor oral healthAthletes and Oral Health

We all know that working out is good for our bodies especially our heart health. But did you know that consistent exercise can cause dehydration and dry mouth?  At the same time, elite athletes often use sports drinks, power bars, and energy gel shots. Together, these may put athlete's oral health at-risk.

study of athletes from the 2012 Olympic Games in London found many had  high levels of poor oral health including tooth decay (55%), tooth surface erosion (45%), gingivitis (76%) and periodontitis (15%). Forty percent of the athletes said their oral health 'bothered' them, 28% said it had a negative impact on their quality of life and 18% said it impacted their training and performance.

elping Athletes Have Optimal Oral HealthHelping Athletes Have Optimal Oral Health

The great thing about working with patients who are athletes is that they are already health conscious and likely will be easy to motivate regarding their oral health.  Many understand the concept of prevention so this is a great lead in when making oral health recommendations.

Adequate hydration is top priority with elite athletes, and many rely on sports drinks or gels.  Help them understand how the regular use of these products can increase their risk for decay, and why they would benefit from a fluoride varnish treatment. 

For self-care, the Waterpik® Water Flosser is ideal especially for those who feel they don't have time to do more than brush.  The Water Flosser  takes only a minute a day and is easy to use.  It is gentle and soothing for those with dry mouth, and reduces plaque, bleeding, and gingivitis.

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