June 2012 Professional Oral Care Newsletter

Ever feel overwhelmed by the exhibit hall at a dental meeting?  It's a common feeling for many people. Guest columnist Trish DeDios, RDH provides some great tips and encouragement for hitting the exhibit hall floor and getting to know the people in the dental industry.

We hope you will take her advice and come and meet us at the upcoming ADHA CLL in June or RDH UOR in August. Or perhaps a meeting this fall like the ADA in San Francisco

Happy Travels!

Carol A. Jahn, RDH, MS, Editor

Senior Professional Relations Manager
Water Pik, Inc

Creating the Ultimate Trade Show Experience

By Trish DeDios, RDH

Tradeshow anticipation sets in any time a meeting rolls around. I plan for this event from appropriate walking shoes to the roller bag I lug from booth to booth. Conventions are a chance to be fully immersed in the dental industry with the resources you need right at your fingertips. But it is the RDH-focused conventions like the upcoming ADHA CLL (Phoenix, June 14-16) and RDH UOR (Las Vegas, Aug 1-4) that really rock my hygiene world. Attending RDH UOR last year demonstrated for me how easily you can develop personal relationships with companies and reps at these meetings. If you want to get on a first name basis with your favorite dental rep, then get yourself a ticket to a hygiene conference. In hygiene focused events, vendors have tailored their products, information and marketing just for you.

Water Pik was one of the very first companies that made me realize early in my career that exhibitors have more to offer than just their newest product. Water Pik provided CE via self-study courses, introduced me to a world of professional networking, and provided insight on topics from patient compliance to periodontal risk factors. Staying current can be overwhelming at the rate our industry changes and grows. Getting to know dental manufacturers and establishing a relationship with them provides you with valuable information and opportunities. It can all begin at a tradeshow. Invest your time with these professionals, especially at events where their focus is to invest in dental hygienists.

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See New Products at ADHA or RDH UOR

  • ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning, June 15-16, Booth #30
  • RDH Under One Roof, Aug 1-3, Booth #521

Visit us at ADHA CLL or RDH UOR to learn about our latest research and see our newest products, including the new Waterpik® Complete Care.  Click here to access summaries of 2012 research studies including how the Water Flosser compares to Air Floss.

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2013 Dental Hygiene Show Opportunities

Can't make ADHA CLL or RDH UOR this year?  It's not too soon to start planning to attend a show in 2013.

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Dental Hygiene at the 2013 ADHA CLL Meeting in Boston, June 19-25, 2013.

Have some fun in Las Vegas at RDH UOR, July 17-19, 2013 at Caesar's Palace

Or if you are in the mood for international travel, the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, August, 14-17, 2013.