October 2012 Professional Oral Care Newsletter

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. If you work with or employee a dental hygienist, it's time to say thank you to this hardworking team member. During a busy day of practice, it's easy to forget the influence that dental hygienists have in your practice. A crown prep around healthy tissue, stable periodontal maintenance patients, or simply happy patients who return for regular visits, your dental hygienist has likely played an important role in helping your practice achieve this.

If you are a dental hygienist, we at Water Pik, Inc salute you and say thanks!


Carol A. Jahn, RDH, MS, Editor

Senior Professional Relations Manager
Water Pik, Inc
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RDH lab coatDental Hygiene 2012

In the final few months of this 99th year of dental hygiene, it's the perfect time to reflect on how the professional has advanced. Did you know that 50 years ago, most dental hygienists were not legally allowed to scale subgingivally? Or that it wasn't until 1971, in Washington State that dental hygienists were first permitted to administer local anesthesia? Today, scaling and root planing is the mainstay of periodontal therapy and 45 states permit dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia.

It's easy to forget how far the profession has come. Dental hygienists now have a broad choice of both specialized hand and mechanized instruments that help improve access and facilitate debridement. Wearing loupes enhances visual acuity as well as improves ergonomics. Fifty years ago, most dental hygienists stood when providing care all while wearing a cap. Today, scrubs are the norm and there is a chair design to fit every need.

The ultimate beneficiary of these changes has been the public. From sealant placement to fluoride application and home care recommendations.

American Dental Hygienists' Association2013: Celebrating 100 Years of Dental Hygiene!

2013 marks the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the first dental hygiene program started by Dr. Alfred C Fones in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The American Dental Hygienists' Association will be celebrating this milestone at their 2013 meeting in Boston, June 19-23rd.

What a great way to celebrate being a dental hygienist by attending this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Hear Erin Brockovich at the Thursday morning keynote session, attend the Institute for Oral Health Gala hosted by Debbie Reynolds, and see Oscar-winning actress, Geena Davis deliver her keynote address on Saturday morning.

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