October 2013 Professional Oral Care Newsletter

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month

From Carol A. Jahn, RDH, MS

This year marks my 31st year as a dental hygienist. When I graduated, like students today, my main goal was passing boards and getting a job. For me, it was also about joining ADHA and getting involved in my local component. Today, when I'm asked about career advice, joining ADHA and getting involved is at the top of the list. Too often we look at professional membership as if we are purchasing a car - what does it come with and how will it benefit me. Joining ADHA is more like joining a health club. The biggest selling point is opportunity; and to take advantage of the opportunity you have to go to meetings and engage with your colleagues.

This past August, I attended the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Cape Town, South Africa. I was fortunate to serve as a delegate, along with Tammi Byrd (pictured with me) for ADHA. Traditionally, opening ceremonies involve having the representatives from member countries march in with their flags. This year, the host country spiced things up and we danced in to a song unique to our country (Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen). It was a special moment. After the ceremony, as Tammi and I talked, we found we had both experienced the same feeling; of awe and gratitude for all the opportunities that have come our way via ADHA membership and involvement. We wished that all hygienists could experience that same feeling of pride for your profession and organization that we had at that moment.

As dental hygienists, we are so fortunate to work in a field where we can directly see the difference we make in people's lives. This October, in celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, I encourage you to honor who we are and what we do by attending a meeting given by local component or state association.

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Lunch and Learn presentations are now available in the following areas:

North: Tonya DeNicola, RDH at tonyadenicola@yahoo.com
South: Dominique Harris, RDH, BSDH at dwharris281@gmail.com

North: Jocelyne LaVita, RDH at jocelyne_serret@yahoo.com
West: Heather Miller, RDH, CDA at hmiller872@gmail.com
South/Providence Carolyn Gervasi, RDH at carolyngervasi@hotmail.com

Cook County: Trish De Dios, RDH at hygienist.trish@gmail.com
DuPage County: Julie Csoke, RDH, BS at julierdh90@aol.com
Lake County: Lisa Schmidt, RDH, BA at lisamschmidt@comcast.net

Fort Collins/Denver
Julie Jane, RDH, BS at julie@janex5.com
Briana Rowe at browe@waterpik.com

Las Vegas
Jill Taylor, RDH at tayloredhygiene@gmail.com

Portland, OR
Lisa Dickerson, RDH at Ldickerson.rdh@comcast.net

Don't see your area listed, contact Briana Rowe at browe@waterpik.com for more information

Our Lunch & Learn Program is Expanding!

We are looking for practicing dental hygienists to work as part-time, independent education consultants in the following locations:

Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa

Northern California:
East Bay/Walnut Creek, Peninsula/San Mateo, Sacramento, San Francisco, South Bay/San Jose

Southern California:
Orange County, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Pasadena, Santa Monica/West LA

Ideal candidates will be practicing dental hygienists who are strong recommenders of the Waterpik® Water Flosser. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Seek out, identify, and schedule key offices for lunch and learn presentations on the Waterpik® product line
  • Provide 2-4 lunch and learns per month

Please send your resume and letter of interest to Carol Jahn at cjahn@waterpik.com

Electronic submissions ONLY will be considered.