October 2014

Gel Grip

Experience the amazing comfort and control of the new Waterpik® Gel-Grip™ Prophy Angle

Upgrade your prophy experience!

  • Soft grips reduce fatigue and soreness
  • Tactile response for precision control
  • Optimized angle for better reach and access to posterior sites
  • Smooth running and vibration-free
  • Full line of cup designs

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Which cup design do I need?

New Waterpik® Gel-Grip™ provides 5 options

Latex-free Dynamo Green Cup
Features a unique reverse helix rib design to reduce splatter and efficiently remove stain. Soft cup design makes contoured cleaning easy and maximizes patient comfort.

Natural Rubber Cups/soft blue & firm yellow
Combined webbed and ribbed cup design for stain removal and reduced splatter. Soft blue for easy cleaning and firm yellow for tougher stains.

Latex-free Cup and Brush Combination
Gently polishes teeth and removes stains efficiently, especially from occlusal surfaces and interproximal spaces. Spiral cup design minimizes splatter. Soft cup design makes contoured cleaning easy and maximizes patient comfort.

Tapered Brush
Best choice for removing heavy stains from occlusal surfaces and those hard to reach interproximal spaces.

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