Higher rates of oral malodor found

VSC levels correlated with the depth of pockets

A study published inBMC Oral Health compared 13 orthodontic patients being treated for Class I malocclusion to 12 dental students without orthodontic appliances.All subjects were in good general health and had a brushing habit of 2x per day.Exclusion criteria included poor oral hygiene, smoking habit, medication use, and history of systemic disease.Subjects in both groups used the same brand of manual toothbrush and were instructed in the Bass brushing method.Prior to the periodic exams, patient were asked to refrain from oral hygiene, oral rinses, and breath fresheners 12 hours prior to the assessment.They were also requested to avoid spicy food, onions, and garlic 48 hours before their appointment.

The subjects were followed and assessed at periodic times over a period of one year.Plaque was stable through the time frame for those in orthodontics yet gingivitis and probing depth scores increased.No attachment loss was found so the pocketing appeared to be related to gingival inflammation.The study group also had increases in oral malodor up until month 7.The control group had stable oral health and oral malodor values over the time frame.

The authors concluded that orthodontic appliances may affect gingival health and oral malodor.The increase in oral malodor correlated with increases in probing depth; therefore, in this study, oral malodor was an indicator of gingival health.The authors also noted that while the sample size may have been a limitation, it was off-set by the one-year study duration.

The Waterpik® Water Flosser is 3X as Effective as String Floss for Reducing Plaque in Orthodontic Patients

One hundred five adolescents with fixed orthodontic appliances participated in a 28 day study that compared Water Flossing to string flossing and brushing alone for the reduction of plaque and gingivitis.

All groups used a manual toothbrush.The Water Flosser group used the Orthodontic Tip (see photo) and the string floss group used a floss threader.At the completion of the study, the Water Flosser group was superior to string flossing and brushing alone.

  • Plaque Removal: 3x more effective than string floss & 5x more effective than brushing alone
  • Gingivitis: 26% better than string floss & 53% better than brushing alone

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