Video Tour Captures 3D Printer Design

Technology Drives Waterpik® Shower Head Innovations


Did you know that 3D printer technology has been around for decades? At Water Pik, we’ve used 3D printer technology for nearly 20 years in our Colorado R&D labs to create high-performing shower heads. You can see this amazing process from start to finish in our video tour.

3D Printing Creates Better Products

3D printing gives our engineers time to fine-tune and design better shower heads through rapid prototyping. They can create a computer-based 3D design and quickly turn it into a physical prototype for testing. It’s as much as 10x faster than traditional prototyping.

After testing, the engineers can refine the design and print another prototype. They have time to repeat this process until the design is just right, and it meets Water Pik’s OptiFLOW® performance standards. (OptiFLOW® is the power behind Waterpik® shower heads.)

With 3D printer technology, Water Pik designers can also experiment and create product innovations, like the EasySelect® spray selector.

See How It Works: Watch Our 3D Printer Video

To see how it works, we spent the day with Mike Quinn, Lead Shower Design Engineer, in our Fort Collins, Colorado R&D lab.

We created a video of the experience to give you an inside look at the design process and 3D printer technology in place at Water Pik.

Watch the video to see how we:

  • Design the shower head in our 3D software and upload it to the 3D printer
  • Use multiple 3D printers to create different components
  • Test the printed prototype in our spray testing booth

You’ll also see time-lapse video of a 3D printer as it builds a shower head prototype!