Do Shower Filters Work? Yes, And Here Are 5 Reasons You Need One


The chlorine in our public water supply works as a disinfectant so we can safely drink the water. But when it comes to taking a shower, that same chlorine can have a not-so-nice effect on your skin and hair.

Here are some great reasons to try a shower head filter to reduce chlorine in your water.

Why a Chlorine Shower Filter?

1. You have dry hair

Blow drying, straightening, perming, coloring, and curling damages your hair. Chlorine in the water dries your hair and can damage its protective outer layer. Dull hair and unwelcome split ends can be the result.

2. You have dry skin

The combination of warm or hot water in your shower plus chlorine in the water strips the natural oils from your skin. This can cause dry, flaky, and even itchy skin.

3. You have color-treated hair

After an expensive day at the salon, and even if you do-it-yourself at home, you want your hair coloring to last as long as possible. The coloring process can leave your hair more porous and more susceptible to fading from the effects of chlorine.

4. You are sensitive to chlorine

If you have sensitive skin or negative reactions to chlorine, removing it from your daily shower can help reduce one source of irritation.

5. You want a longer shower head hose

An in-line filter for a hand held shower head increases the hose length. For example, the Waterpik® Shower Head Filter (SFH-153) adds 14 inches. A longer hose is handy for washing kids and pets, rinsing your shower or tub, and assisted bathing.

Does a Shower Filter Really Work?

Yes, the Waterpik® Shower Head Filter (SFH-153) uses a combination of metals and other materials that attract and hold the chlorine particles. Common carbon filters don't work with gallons of fast-moving hot water, so they are not effective for showers.

And to ensure that it works as designed, the Waterpik® Shower Head Filter was tested and certified by the Water Quality Association for chlorine reduction.

How Do I Use a Shower Filter?

The Waterpik® Shower Head Filter is very easy to install. And its in-line universal design fits most hand held shower heads, including other brands.

Universal Shower Filter Out of Package
  • To install, simply connect one end of the filter to the shower head bracket and the other end to the hose. That's it!
  • Once installed, shower as usual.
  • Replace the filter after 10,000 gallons (the filter absorbs all the chlorine it can at this point). In a shower that's used for three, 9-minute showers per day, this is after about 6 months.

Feel the Filter Difference

Installing a shower head filter that reduces chlorine is an easy way to treat yourself better.

Try the Waterpik® Shower Head Filter and feel the difference yourself!