How to Find the Right Shower Head for You!

By Craig F.
December 14, 2010

Do you have kids or pets who take baths? Then a hand held shower head with a 5-foot hose might work best for you. Hand held shower heads are also great for washing down shower walls and doors to make for easy cleaning. If you prefer a cleaner look, then a fixed mount shower head may be the right choice

In addition to hand held or fixed mount shower heads, Water Pik offers a wide-variety of spray settings. Some of our shower spray settings include Full-Body Spray, PowerSpray, Circular Massage Spray, and Mist. Many Waterpik® shower heads even feature a Water-Saver mode, which is great for things like shaving.

Waterpik® Shower Heads: Easy to Find

Watch our video to learn more about Waterpik® shower heads and find one that best suits your lifestyle

Waterpik® Shower Heads: Easy to Install

Installing a Waterpik® shower head is so easy, and it takes just minutes. Trust me, anyone can do it! To see just how easy it is, watch our shower head installation videos.