8 Easy and Affordable Ways to Customize Your New Home

By Laura P.
June 22, 2018

Now that moving day is a memory, you probably want to start making your new house feel more like home. New homes have a way of sapping household budgets, especially at first, so you may not be ready for big projects and purchases. But, there are plenty of ways to make your new home reflect your personal style without spending a lot of money.

  • 1. Accent A Wall

    Paint with an accent color to tie in existing furniture, fabrics, and artwork. If you’re feeling more ambitious, hang a textured or patterned wallpaper instead.

    Be sure to balance bright accents with softening neutrals on the remaining walls. And, avoid accenting a window wall with a dark color as the light can make the effect too bold.1


  • 2. Roll Out A Rug

    Wool is classic but often expensive. Other materials can be just as attractive and surprisingly affordable. Look for sisal, jute, and woven cotton for understated, durable style.

    Synthetics like polypropylene, polyester, and nylon are also good options that come in updated patterns and colors for high-traffic areas.2


  • 3. Green Your Indoor Space

    Air plants, water plants, wall plants, hanging plants, plant stands, topiaries, and terrariums – they’re all putting down roots in chic homes today.

    If your thumb is not so green, artificial versions add style and often look like the real thing.

    green your space

  • 4. Dress A Window

    Hang store-bought drapery panels with clip rings or use drapery pins to create a more custom, pleated look.

    Fabric shades can also soften a room while customizing with color and pattern. Many larger retailers sell fabric shades in in pre-cut sizes for convenience.

    dress a window

  • 5. Blanket Your Blanket

    Slip a new duvet cover over an existing comforter or other bedding for an affordable, high-end look.

    The duvet cover also keeps your comforter clean and lets you change out bedding weights seasonally.

    blanket your blanket

  • 6. Freshen Towels

    Today’s towels come in myriad patterns and textures to stylize your bath and kitchen.

    Layer different colors and sizes on racks, drape them over tubs and spouts, hang them on hooks at varied heights, or roll towels and organize them in baskets.3

    freshen towels

  • 7. Renew Lighting And Other Hardware

    Lighting can make or break a room design, but new fixtures are costly. If your fixture shape is classic, you can save cash by swapping out fabric shades and spray painting metal hardware.

    Choose a durable paint made for metal and apply a metal primer first. Spray paint switch plates and cabinet knobs, too.4

    renew lighting

  • 8. Turn Up Your Shower Power

    Why take an old shower in your new home? Replace the former owner’s shower (or plain old builder-grade shower) with a Waterpik® shower head in an updated finish, such as chrome or brushed nickel.

    Popular designs include rainfall showers for their beautiful looks and drenching sprays, as well as hand held showers and shower heads with soothing, powerful massage sprays.

    shower power

Customize Your New Home with Waterpik® Replacement Shower Heads

Whether you moved last week or last year, a few easy and affordable changes will make you fall in love with your new home all over again. To make your showers just as special, Waterpik® shower heads with PowerPulse Massage® deliver up to twice the massage force of competing retail brands. Waterpik® replacement shower heads also install in minutes and come in many designs to match your style and budget.

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