Optimize Water Flow with a High-Pressure Shower

Put an End to Wimpy Showers!


Is your shower spray so feeble it feels like a trickle? Does it take forever to rinse the shampoo from your hair? A weak shower is frustrating and no way to start your day.

At Water Pik, we have decades of experience designing shower heads and talking with consumers. We’ve learned a few things about optimizing water flow and creating high-pressure shower heads.

What is a High-Pressure Shower Head?

Not all shower heads are created equal. Poor shower head performance is often a design issue. A high-pressure shower head maximizes the flow of water through the shower head for a powerful spray.

To create a better shower, Water Pik engineers developed our patented OptiFLOW® technology to optimize water flow and force.

What is OptiFLOW?®

OptiFLOW® is a Waterpik® shower head performance standard. Our engineers design every part of the shower head, from the inside out, to meet rigorous performance requirements.

To learn more about the OptiFLOW® difference, watch our video:

For an inside look at our lab's prototyping and testing process, see how we design shower heads using 3D printer technology.

Get a More Powerful, High-Pressure Shower

If your shower head is weak or suffers from low water pressure, get better performance by replacing it with a Waterpik® shower head featuring OptiFLOW.®

And don’t worry. Waterpik® shower heads are stylish, affordable, and easy to install!