How to Replace or Install a Shower Head

By Stephanie M.
August 10, 2012

When I was studying abroad, I walked into a London hair salon and asked for the "London look," a marketing slogan made popular by Rimmel cosmetics. The staff was all smiles as a stylist pointed to a seat and said, "Let's get started."

We see slogans for brands everywhere. They become a part of our language. Branding is a large part of any company, but we also know that it can be all talk. Where is the action?

Why I Like Waterpik® Shower Heads

As an intern at Water Pik, Inc., I have learned that the company focuses on action. Water Pik creates brands that speak volumes through performance. I did not learn this by being an intern, but by actually installing and using Waterpik® shower head products.

With Waterpik® shower heads, the company says you'll get a "powerful invigorating experience." I found that their shower heads create an atmosphere that gives you an escape with a variety of settings like pulsating massage, full body spray, and PowerSpray.™

Another way Water Pik creates a great experience is by making the installation of a new shower head quick and easy. When I got a new Waterpik® shower head to try, my first concern was the tools required. Since I'm not very handy (I use a butter knife and duct tape to do most things), I assumed that I would need to hire a plumber.

How I Installed My Shower Head

After looking at the installation instructions that came with my new shower head, I realized that no plumber was needed. I was able to remove the old shower head with basic pliers that I borrowed. After wiping off the shower pipe, I threaded the shower head on the shower pipe as instructed by the illustrations.

The installation was so easy, I did it all on my own. And I was rewarded with a powerful, relaxing shower!

We all hear claims about trusted brands. Companies can only build that trust by providing a quality product designed with their customers in mind. My first experience in installing and using a Waterpik® shower head proves to me that Waterpik® is a brand I trust.

See for yourself how easy installing a new Waterpik® shower head can be!