An Easy Fix for Adding More Power to Your Shower

Improve Water Force, Even at Low Water Pressures


Drip Drip Drip

That’s no way to start your day! Adding more power to your daily shower could be as easy as replacing your old shower head with a shower head that was designed to maintain a minimum flow rate for maximum power.

Waterpik® shower heads are designed to improve water force because they are engineered with OptiFLOW® technology to deliver the powerful high pressure shower you want. Even at low water pressures, OptiFLOW® can improve water force by more efficiently channeling water.

Our engineers are satisfied with nothing less than the best. We meticulously develop and test all of our shower head designs to ensure they meet our demanding performance standards. Waterpik® shower heads are affordable, stylish and easy to install. Learn how to replace your shower head in minutes when you follow 4 simple steps.