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Adjustable Shower Head is Always the Perfect Height

August 27, 2015

Craig F.

Tall, medium, short. We all come in different sizes. Shouldn’t your shower head be smart enough to handle that?

  • If you’re tall, are you tired of bending or crouching under your shower?
  • If you’re on the shorter side, wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily move the spray closer?
  • Are your kids all different sizes and showering in the same bathroom?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect solution.

New Adjustable Shower Arm Design

The Waterpik® SideWinder™ shower head is the first of its kind. Our patented Quickset™ auto-lock arm moves with a single hand, making it incredibly easy to change the height and angle of the shower head.

Unlike most shower arm designs, the SideWinder™ moves and automatically locks where you put it--no screws, wing nuts, or added hardware to deal with.

From high to low, or anywhere in between, you can enjoy more than 12 inches of customizable height with one motion. There’s no other shower head like this! Take a look to see how it works:

Sprays for Different Preferences

With a 7-inch shower face and 6 different spray settings, ranging from drenching rain to PowerPulse Therapeutic Massage spray, SideWinder™ offers settings for every shower need.

PowerPulse Massage is a revolution in shower head technology that delivers clinically shown benefits and up to 2X the massage force of Delta and Moen showers.*

Your Dream Shower

Always the perfect height. Fits the whole family. Drenching rainfall experience. Invigorating PowerPulse Massage spray. And a lifetime warranty. Who could ask for more?

Find the SideWinder™ adjustable shower head exclusively at The Home Depot.

*vs. other retail market shower heads