Our Latest Shower Head Design Breakthrough

Waterpik® SprayShaper™ Shower Head

By Craig F.
June 13, 2014

Are you ready for the next innovation in shower head design? The engineering team at Water Pik has invented a new category of shower heads. The SprayShaperTM shower head is unlike any shower head on the market today.

A Shower You’ve Never Experienced Before

The SprayShaperTM shower head is engineered with breakthrough movable panels that let you easily control the direction, angles, and power of the water spray.

With these moveable panels and the large, 5.25-inch diameter shower face, you can customize your spray coverage in more ways than ever before:

  • Move the panels outward – For total body coverage, a wider spray area, and luxurious warmth
  • Move the panels inward - Create a focused, powerful shower spray to rinse shampoo or relieve muscle tension
  • Move the panels up or down - Customize coverage for family members of different heights or direct the spray right where you want it

Watch the video to see the SprayShaperTM shower head experience:

Easy to Use, Easy to Install

The shower head panels are easy to move where you want, and they stay put after you adjust them. This completely unique design gives you the perfect custom shower experience.

You can choose from a fixed mount shower head or a hand held shower head, both with a contemporary chrome finish. Like all Waterpik® shower heads, the SprayShaperTM shower head is easy for anyone to install, and it takes just a few minutes.

In addition to the movable shaping spray, SprayShaperTM shower heads offer 5 other spray settings, including relaxing mist and pulsating massage. The convenient EasySelect® spray selector feature makes changing the spray mode effortless.

Customize Your Coverage and Shape Your Spray

Experience what’s next in shower head technology. You can find SprayShaperTM exclusively at The Home Depot, www.homedepot.com.