Update Hardware and Fixtures for a Bathroom Refresh

By Dani Nicole, Modernize
June 22, 2017

Hardware and fixtures in the bathroom can make a big difference. Here are some simple tips to easily upgrade and take your bathroom from blah to spa.

Refresh Your Hardware

running faucet

An easy way to give your bathroom an elegant edge is to replace outdated hardware with a sleek, cohesive design. Decorative metal outlet covers can transform drab to fab, and pewter or crystal knobs and mirror frames can add extra personality to an uninspired room.

Everything from towel racks to light fixtures and shower curtain rods can come together to carry an accent through a space. The fresh textures and shiny metal will breathe life back into any bathroom.

Focus on Fixtures

You may not be able to replace the tub, toilet, and lights, but perhaps you can replace at least one. Which one needs the most attention? Which one do you want most? If you’re dreaming of that garden tub, go for it. magnetic slide strip shower head

Install a new tub and line it with shelf space for soaps, candles, and towels. For a smaller update that’s big on spa-like treatment, try this luxury 5-setting showerhead for a customizable shower every time. The best part is that it’s easy to install, rust-resistant, and requires no drilling or screws.

If you’re looking to earn some money back, opt for greener solutions like WaterSense-certified faucets, which prevent leaks, reduce water consumption, and save you money on utility bills. When you update faucet hardware, coordinate the design to match your new knobs and outlet plates.

Since replacing the fixtures in your bathroom is not always in the budget, here are some potentially more budget-friendly tips for refreshing your bathroom.

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