Save Water, Save Money, and Help Save the Planet

By Wyland
March 29, 2012

It's estimated that one billion people walk fifteen minutes or more from their homes to get fresh water, then wait in extended lines to pump and fill containers to lug back. In some parts of the world, the journey for water can span miles and take a full day. Here in the United States, we simply turn a tap and water springs forth. And when something comes so easily, we often take it for granted.

Water Consumption in the United States

So much water is pumped in and out of the ground in Los Angeles over the course of an ordinary year that the landscape actually rises and falls more than four inches. Imagine that! Enough water is removed that scientists can actually see a measurable seismic difference.

Or look at it this way: the average American household uses 150 to 250 gallons of water every day, compared with 5 gallons for the average African household -- the equivalent of one toilet flush in the United States.

Now this wouldn't be so much of a problem if our planet was manufacturing more water. But it’s not. The water we have now is all we've ever had, and unless we're hit with a giant space snowball, it's all the water we'll ever have. But with more people, more demands for resources, changes in our climate, and greater demands for energy to move water to the places it needs to be, we've reached a point where we all need to sit up and take notice of the way we're managing water.

8 Helpful Tips to Help You Save Water

Even the smallest changes can make a difference:

  1. Fix dripping faucets
  2. Take a shower instead of a bath
  3. Use a low-flow shower head
  4. Run dishwashers and washing machines only when you have a full load
  5. Don’t use your toilet as a wastebasket
  6. Install native landscaping around your home
  7. Clean outdoors or in garages with a broom instead of a hose
  8. Choose a car wash that recycles water

Take the Mayor's Water Conservation Pledge to Save Water

There are many more ways to save water. But if you really want to make your savings count, make a pledge to save water at during the month of April. If you do, your city could win any of $50,000 in water-saving prizes, like EcoFlow shower heads from Waterpik, water-efficient home irrigation systems from Rain Bird, low-flow toilets from Sterling, gift cards from Lowe's, and even a Toyota Prius Hybrid.

You also get a coupons and rebates, including a rebate for $10 off a Waterpik EcoFlow shower head, so you can start saving water now. It's easy to enter and it's free - just for doing your part for water conservation. You'll save water, energy, and money. And just maybe you'll help save our planet.