Dual Shower Heads

A 2-in-1 dual shower head system combines two shower heads in one convenient unit.

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Combining the convenience of two different types of shower experiences in one shower.

The XHT-333E-763E Dual Shower includes a Hand Held Shower and Rain Shower in One System

Important Features of Dual Shower Heads

Great Shower Head Combinations

XET-639E-649E Brushed Nickel 2-in-1 PowerPulse Massage Dual Shower System
  • Dual shower head systems offer two shower heads in one unit.
  • The shower heads can differ in size and function. For example, a dual shower might include a fixed rain shower head and a standard hand held shower head.
  • Spray settings are controlled on each shower head individually. They can offer different types and numbers of spray settings.

Waterpik® Dual Shower Head Designs

Compare the variety of shower head combinations available in Waterpik® dual shower heads.

Diverter Valve

  • Dual shower head systems include a diverter valve to control water flow.
  • There are two main types of dual shower head diverter valves:
    • Two-way diverter valves switch between the two shower heads.
    • Three-way diverter valves let you choose between the individual shower heads or both shower heads at the same time.
  • The diverter usually includes a bracket to hold the hand held shower head.

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