Shower Massage

In 1974, Waterpik® invented The Original Shower Massage®. This was the first pulsating shower massage, creating a revolution in the shower experience.

Get up to 2X the Massage Force with PowerPulse Massage®

Today that legacy lives on with our latest innovation – the patented PowerPulse® Massage. PowerPulse delivers 2X the massage force of other retail market shower heads, resulting in a deeper, more intense massaging action.

Types of shower massage sprays include:

PowerPulse Massage® Spray

PowerPulse Massage®

Circular Massage Spray

Circular Massage

Slow Massage Spray


Dual/Twin Massage Spray

Dual/Twin Massage

When you want to maximize your shower massage experience, consider a specialty massaging shower head, like the new PowerPulse Massage®, The Original Shower Massage®, and Twin Turbo products.

PowerPulse Massage®

Add up to 2x the massage power to your shower.

PowerPulse Massage® is now the leading standard for massage spray. New Waterpik® shower head designs feature this superior massage spray technology.

  • Delivers up to 2x the massage force vs. other retail shower head brands.
  • Creates maximum pulsation force for an amazing and powerful shower massage.
  • Helps promote a deeper massage and more relaxation.

The Original Shower Massage® Shower Heads

It's the shower head design that started it all!

  • Relax with Waterpik® pulsating massage technology.
  • Get an incredibly satisfying, high-performance shower experience.
  • Appreciate the classic styling, multiple settings, and variety of finishes.

PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo Massage Shower Heads

Choose our PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo shower head so you can:

  • Enjoy a unique dual-shower experience with a single shower head.
  • Relieve tension with powerful massaging jets.
  • Start your day right with simultaneous

Find Your Shower Head

Find your perfect shower head using the shower product finder. With a variety of styles and configurations to choose from, there's a Waterpik® shower head waiting to rejuvenate and reinvigorate you.