How to Install a Shower Head

Do it yourself

It only takes minutes, and you don't need a plumber!

  1. Remove the current shower head.
  2. Clean the threads on the shower pipe and add pipe tape if needed.
  3. Thread the new shower head onto the shower pipe as shown in your instruction manual or video.

Need someone to hire?

Waterpik® shower heads are fast and easy to install, but you might want the convenience of someone doing it for you. Check out these resources:

How to Install a Waterpik shower head

"I was able to install this shower head all by myself! And believe me, I am NOT the plumber."

Dawn from San Diego, CA

Shower Head Installation Resources

Need a shower head installation video or detailed instructions?

  Instruction Manuals

Use the links below to identify to your shower head and view its instruction manual.

  Installation Videos

Watch Waterpik® shower head installation videos, which are available for many models.

  Call for Assistance

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