NSC-063 chrome powerspray+ hand held shower head

NSC-063 Chrome PowerSpray+™ Hand Held Shower Head

12 Spray Settings

This Waterpik® shower head's timeless design combines old-world styling with tasteful updates, like smooth lines and distinctive face patterns.

The innovative water volume control lets you choose full flow or EcoFlow® in any setting, guaranteeing an invigorated body and spirit after each shower.

Product Features

  • 4.5" Diameter Head
  • Advanced OptiFLOW® Technology
  • Anti-Clog Nozzles
  • Hand Shower with 5-ft Hose
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Water Saving Flow Control

Spray Settings

  • High/Low Full Body
  • High/Low Full Body + PowerSpray™
  • High/Low Full Body + Massage
  • High/Low Misting Spray
  • High/Low PowerSpray™
  • High/Low Pulsating Massage

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