PowerSpray+™ Hand Held Shower Head

Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM

  • Chrome

Spray Modes: 8

$46.99 MSRP

The hand held PowerSpray+ shower head delivers a high-performance showering experience with eight uniquely refreshing spray settings. Escape the day's tensions as the powerful pulsating massage invigorates your entire body or relax under the gentler, slow massage.

We design our PowerSpray+ shower heads to make every shower an invigorating and uplifting experience.

To customize your shower experience, choose from a wide variety of spray settings, including PowerSpray, Full Body, Pulsating Massage, Slow Massage, and Typhoon. Installs in minutes on any standard shower arm. No pipe tape needed.

Product Features

Spray Modes

  • Full Body
  • Full Body + Massage
  • Full Body + Power Mist
  • Power Mist
  • PowerSpray
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Slow Massage

Product Specifications

  • Primary Finish: Chrome
  • Product Category: Hand Held
  • Flow Rate GPM: 2.5
  • Head Type: 3.25" Diameter Head
  • Number Of Spray Settings: 8
  • Hose Length: 60 Inches
  • Height: 9.25
  • Width: 4.00
  • Depth: 6.00
  • Unit Weight: 1.24 Lbs