YBW-933E-SBW-383ME Chrome HairWand Spa System

1.8 GPM

12 Spray Settings

MSRP $69.99

Healthy Hair Starts at the Roots 

The Waterpik® HairWand penetrates down to the root, revitalizing the scalp.

The PowerComb™ Stream is targeted and powerful to effectively rinse out product for all hair textures. Leaving your hair less tangled and manageable.

Up to 94% reported Scalp Stimulation and Massaging*

Up to 82% reported Tangle Free Hair after Rinsing*

The Waterpik® HairWand also features PowerPulse Massage® a revolution in shower head technology that delivers up to 2X the massage force of other US retail market showerheads. Our powerful massaging streams penetrate deep into tense muscles delivering relief and rejuvenation.  Why settle for less when you could be enjoying a deeper, more powerful massage on a daily basis!

Research Verified

*Individual results may vary based on consumer usage study

Product Features

  • 1.8 GPM
  • 5" Diameter Head
  • Easy Reach Diverter
  • Easy to Install
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Research Verified
  • Ultra Flexible 8-Foot Hose

Spray Settings

  • Eco Spray
  • Full Body
  • Full Body + Massage
  • Gentle Rinse
  • Massage + Mist
  • Misting Spray
  • PowerComb™
  • PowerPulse Massage®
  • PowerSpray™
  • PowerSpray™ + Mist
  • SoftComb™
  • Water Saving Trickle

Manuals & Guides

Shower Head Features

  • Primary Finish: Chrome
  • Product Category: Dual Head
  • Flow Rate GPM: 1.8
  • Head Type: 5" Diameter Head
  • Number Of Spray Settings: 12
  • Hose Length: 96 Inches (243.84 cm)

Waterpik® HairWand Wellness Spa - Short

Waterpik® HairWand Wellness Spa

See how much you can Save!

Annual Water, Gas and Dollar Savings by Gallons Per Minute (GPM) 1

1. Savings compared to 1995 ASME A112.18.1 water savings standard requiring maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Due to local regulations 2.5 GPM may not be available in all U.S. locations. Savings based on 10-minute showers, two showers per day. Water, gas and sewer costs based on poll of major U.S. markets and data from U.S. Energy Information Administration. Water costs:$4.36/1,000 gal.; Sewer costs: $5.94/1,000gal.;Gas Costs: $12.52/1,000 cf. Individual savings will vary based on local utility rates.

Feel The Difference

The Waterpik® Shower Filter works with your hand held shower head to reduce chlorine for softer hair and skin.

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