Introducing the HairWand Spa System.


It’s an entirely new way to care for your hair, body and mind.
Let your shower evolve.



HairWand is designed to thoroughly rinse product from your hair without damaging it. Its PowerComb® is a water comb for scalp massage, thorough rinsing and muscle tension relief.

HairWand Product Features:

  • Chrome Finish
  • 5" Diameter Head
  • Shower Wand with 3 Spray Settings: PowerComb®, SoftCombTM, and Gentle Rinse
  • Fixed Mount Shower Head with 9 Spray Settings including PowerPulse Massage
  • Ultra Flexible 8-Foot Metal Hose
  • Easy Reach Diverter

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Faster and More Effective Way to Rinse Hair.

Healthy hair starts at the roots. The HairWand penetrates deep, awakening and revitalizing the scalp. The PowerComb® stream is targeted and powerful, effectively rinsing out product. It leaves your hair less tangled and more manageable.

Up to 82% Of users reported tangle free hair after rinses*

*individual results may vary based on consumer usage study

Wand it away.

The pinpointed dual nozzles provide a Therapeutic Body Massage leaving you relaxed and stress-free. HairWand will help relieve muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Your hair, mind, and body are in good hands….yours.

Up to 90% Of users experience muscle tension relief within 5 minutes*

*individual results may vary based on consumer usage study

A magic wand? Yes.

The three purposefully designed water streams of the HairWand are powerful, yet soothing to help promote your health and well-being from head to toe. Relax, breathe and feel the zen-like state that the HairWand by Waterpik® creates.



At Waterpik®, we engineer our products to deliver the wellness benefits of water.

The Best

"This shower head is amazing. I love that it has a powerful spray, yet being low flow. I love the HairWand, a much faster way to rinse my hair."


Powerful Rinsing Action

This product is amazing with its versatile spray styles. It was easy to install in minutes. My wife loved the HairWand attachment that helps her with her disability. It has a powerful rising action and massage experience.


Really Liked the Product!

Loved the wand! I have really long hair and the wand attachment helped me when washing and rinsing my hair. Also made washing my daughter’s long hair a breeze! Looks good and was a snap to install.