Waterpik® Height Select Slide Rail Shower Head System Installation and Operation

Prior to Installation

  • Make sure wall is clean and dry.
  • No tools are necessary but a level can be used to ensure proper alignment.
  • Remove old shower head and remove all pipe tape.
  • Make sure that the washer from the old shower is not connected to the pipe. Use a thin utensil to check inside the pipe for washers, like a pencil or screw driver. Do not use your fingers.
  • An extra adhesive pad is included if needed.
    Note: The slide rail requires 12–24 hours to fully adhere to the wall.

Very Important! One-Time Use Only

Adhesive pads will only adhere to the wall once. Do not attempt to reposition. Do not remove backings from the slide adhesive pads until you have used the template to find desired position. Do not touch the adhesive on the back of the pads - the oil on your fingers will decrease effectiveness of the adhesive.

Installing the Slide Rail

1. Use the template provided to determine the desired location of the slide rail next to your shower pipe. Tape the template vertically to your wall with masking tape or duct tape.

Placement Recommendations
  • Install to the right or left of shower pipe so the hose isn’t in the way during use.
  • Do not install directly under shower pipe.
  • Placement height will depend on household members’ height.
  • To check alignment and height, hold up shower head to rail to confirm desired position. The adhesive pads allow for one time use and cannot be repositioned so it’s important to use the template.

Note: To ensure proper alignment of the slide rail, a level can be used. If you have shower tiles, you can use the lines of the tile to properly align with gridlines on the template. Avoid placing adhesive strips over grout lines.

2. Once you have confirmed your slide rail position, use the pre-adhesive wipe to clean the area inside the template. Let the area dry for one minute. Once it is dry, peel off burgundy color tape backing from the adhesive pads. Place the slide rail (with adhesive exposed) inside of the template and apply pressure with your hands for 20 seconds. Remove template. If possible and for best results, do not use shower for 24 hours (minimum 12 hours).

Wipe Use:

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after using.

Installing the Shower Head

  1. Screw the hose onto your shower pipe.
  2. Screw the other end of your hose onto the shower head.
  1. Place shower handle into bracket.
  2. Installed Shower Head

Operating the Shower Head

To use the hand held spray selector:
Spray patterns for the hand held shower head are controlled by the small lever that rotates the shower face to the left or right.

To change position of shower head bracket:
Grasp the bracket while depressing the lever beneath the body bracket. This will release bracket and allow it to slide it up or down the slide rail to desired position. Release the leve to lock in place.

Removing the Slide Rail

Removal Tools
Masking tape, standard plastic/metal putty knife, or a tile trowel (available at most hardware stores)

  1. It is recommended to apply tape around slide rail to protect tile or shower enclosure surface from scratching.
    Note: If you are using a tile trowel, cover the blade, except one edge, with duct tape to protect from scratching the surface. A hair dryer can be used to soften adhesive, but be aware that the slide rail will be hot and may cause burns to skin that comes in contact. Exercise caution.
  2. Use untaped edge of the trowel or blade of the putty knife and slide under the slide rail.
  3. Gradually pull down until slide rail is detached

If there is any debris on the wall after removal, you can use standard rubbing alcohol and a putty knife to rub off.

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