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Headshot of Dr. Chris Strandburg, indoors, with short brown hair, wearing a white coat and blue shirt

Want A Healthy & Bright Smile?

Try the WaterpikTM Whitening Water Flosser

March 28, 2018

Dr. Chris Strandburg

With a compact and sexy design, the WATERPIK Whitening water flosser combines treating bleeding gums with the added benefit of keeping your teeth pretty and naturally whiter.

High Pressure Cleaning Action

Using a high-pressure stream of water, the WATERPIK water flosser “power washes” between your teeth and underneath your gumline to remove smelly, disease-causing bacteria. This cleaning action protects you from the harmful effects of gum disease, both in your mouth and throughout your body (due to the links among gum disease, diabetes, and heart disease).

How Teeth Get Stained

But how exactly does the WATERPIK water flosser help whiten your teeth? To fully appreciate the whitening technology, we must understand how our teeth go from “pearly white” after leaving the dentist office, to stained and dingy less than 6 months later.

Bacteria love to set up communities on our teeth, especially along the gumline and right where two teeth meet together (called the contact area). These communities are made up of the bacteria and proteins. Think of these proteins as the wood framing of the bacteria’s house.

These bacterial communities grow fast -- they can double in only 24 hours! As they grow, they become visible to the naked eye in the form of a sticky, slimy film on our teeth. We call this film of bacteria “plaque.”

Whitening water flosser before and after

The mix of proteins and bacteria is so sticky, it also absorbs color from what we eat and drink. Picture the film of plaque on your tooth like a sponge that soaks up the colors of coffee, fruits, and artificially colored foods. These foods cause the film to turn yellow or brown or grey. From afar, the natural white color of your tooth is blocked by this film, and your teeth start to look stained!

Whitening Technology

Now that we know how the stain process works, we can see why the WATERPIK water flosser makes such a big difference. Normally, when we brush our teeth, the bristles do a great job cleaning the flat outer surface of our teeth. But our teeth are also curvy, and they curve inward along the gumline and contact area. This means toothbrushing often misses those curvy areas and it doesn’t take long for a thick film of plaque to build up (even though we’re brushing!). The result: the well-brushed tooth surface stays white, while the other areas get stained.

Enter the Whitening water flosser to save the day. The high-pressure stream of water combined with the whitening tablet break up and help remove the plaque film and the stains go along with it! Not only that, the tablet contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that actually fights cavity bacteria, and the infusion of mint in the tablet leaves your mouth with a very refreshing taste.

The combination of fighting gum disease, removing stains, and giving you fresh breath truly makes the Whitening water flosser something I look forward to using. It’s the best product on the market by far and I think you’ll really enjoy using it -- in addition to the improvements you’ll see with your smile. Use it every day and have fun showing off your healthy, bright smile!