Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Flossing Toothbrush

Best Solution For: Fast, easy, and effective brushing and flossing.

Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with Built-In Water Flossing

SONIC-FUSION combines an advanced sonic electric toothbrush with built-in water flossing.

  • Buttons on the power handle let you switch from brushing, to flossing, to both.
  • Flossing technology is built into the patented brush head.
  • New and improved performance vs. the original SONIC-FUSION.

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Waterpik™ Sonic-Fusion™ Flossing Toothbrush

SONIC-FUSION 2.0 - Important Features

All-In-One Design

  • Brush, floss, or both by pressing a button.
  • Compact design requires less counterspace and uses just one outlet.
  • Detach the power handle from the water hose to brush on the go.

Water Flosser

  • Flossing technology is built into the center of the patented brush head.
  • The unique combination of water pressure and pulsations cleans deep between the teeth and below the gumline.
  • Water flossing removes harmful bacteria from areas where brushing and string floss can't reach.

Advanced Sonic Electric Toothbrush

  • Provides 30,000 brush strokes per minute.
  • Includes two brushing speeds: high and low
  • A pacer pauses every 30 seconds over 2 minutes to help you thoroughly brush.
  • Push a button to detach from the water hose and brush on the go.
  • Rechargeable battery charges in base of unit (inductive - no charging cord).
  • Compact and full-size brush heads available.

SONIC-FUSION 2.0 Flossing Toothbrush Quick Comparison

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Sonic-Fusion™ Professional 2.0 Flossing Toothbrush Sonic-Fusion™ 2.0 Flossing Toothbrush
Model Name SONIC-FUSION 2.0 Professional (SF-04) SONIC-FUSION 2.0 (SF-03)
Reservoir 16 ounce (473 ml), 60+ seconds 16 ounce (473 ml), 60+ seconds
Modes 3 - Brush, Floss, Both 3 - Brush, Floss, Both
Number of Pressure Settings 10 10
Flossing Brush Heads 2 included (1 compact, 1 full-size) 1 included (compact)
Brush Speeds 2 2
Voltage Global Global
Recharge Indicator
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