Cordless Water Flossers

Best Water Flossers For: Portability, small bathrooms, and cordless convenience.

Types of Cordless Water Flossers

  • Traditional cordless water flossers feature an all-in-one handheld design with a smaller water reservoir and slightly lower overall water pressure as compared to plug-in countertop water flossers.
  • Cordless countertop water flossers offer full-size performance combined with the portability and convenience of a cordless design. They feature the pressure range, water capacity, and smaller separate flossing handle of a countertop unit, but in a compact size with no need for a power outlet during use.

These differences help create a more compact, lightweight, and portable device.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced water flosser and ION water flosser

Traditional cordless design (left), countertop cordless design (right)

Battery Options

Waterpik cordless water flossers offer models that use:

  • Replaceable 3 AA batteries
  • Built-in NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery

Explore important features below, or browse our cordless models.

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Cordless Water Flossers - Important Features

Water Reservoir Capacity

  • Traditional cordless models offer water reservoirs with 30-45 seconds of flossing time, and are easy to refill if you need to floss longer.
  • Countertop cordless models offer 90 seconds of water capacity to support longer flossing times.

Water Pressure Settings

  • Traditional cordless water flossers offer 2 or 3 pressure settings (45 to 75 PSI), through a built-in pressure control (most models) or special pressure tips.
  • Countertop cordless water flossers provide 10 pressure settings (10 to 100 PSI) through a built-in pressure dial.

Batteries, Portability, and Travel

  • Traditional cordless water flossers have a small base and are lightweight.
  • Models with 3 AA batteries are easy to transport for travel and international use, because they don't require charging.
  • Models with a built-in rechargeable battery provide multiple uses on a single charge, without plugging the unit into an electrical outlet.

Shower Use

  • Some traditional cordless water flosser models are waterproof and can be used in the shower.
  • Countertop cordless water flosser models are not for use in the shower.

Cordless Water Flosser Quick Comparison

See product detail pages for full specifications
Learn more about the Cordless Express water flosser Learn more about the Cordless Advanced water flosser Learn more about the ION water flosser
Model Name Cordless Express (WF-02) Cordless Advanced 2.0 (WP-580) ION (WF-11W010-1)
Reservoir 5 ounce (150 ml), 30+ seconds 7 ounce (210 ml), 45+ seconds 22 ounce (651 ml), 90+ seconds
Batteries 3 AA (included) Built-in rechargeable lithium ion Built-in rechargeable lithium ion
Battery Life Up to 1-2 months Up to 1 week Up to 4 weeks
Recharge Indicator Yes Yes
Number of Pressure Settings 2 3 10
Pressure Range 45-75 PSI 45-75 PSI 10-100 PSI
Safe for Shower No
Voltage Global Global
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