Complete Care

Best Water Flossers For: Complete dental care, water flosser and separate electric toothbrush in one convenient device.

Daily Dental Care Made Easy

Our all-in-one Complete Care units make it easy to perform your daily oral care routine.

  • Complete Care offers more effective flossing and brushing
  • Highly effective - promotes a clean and healthy mouth
  • One convenient device saves counter space and power outlets

Explore the important features below, or browse our Complete Care models.

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Waterpik Complete Care CC-01

Complete Care - Important Features

Two Products in One

  • Water flosser with separate sonic electric toothbrush provides the ultimate in a clean and healthy mouth.
  • One power cord means less clutter on your bathroom counter.

Water Flosser

  • The unique combination of water pressure and pulsations cleans deep between the teeth and below the gumline.
  • Water flossing removes harmful bacteria from areas where brushing and string floss can't reach.

Electric Toothbrush Features

  • The sonic toothbrush provides over 30,000 brush strokes per minute.
  • A pacer pauses every 30 seconds over 2 minutes to help you thoroughly brush (top, bottom, left, right).
  • The toothbrush supports multiple uses on one charge and sits in an inductive charging base (no extra cords).

Complete Care Quick Comparison

See product detail pages for full specifications
Learn more about the Complete Care water flosser with Separate Electric Toothbrush WP-861 Learn more about the Complete Care CC-01
Model Name Complete Care 5.0 (WP-861) Complete Care 9.0 (CC-01)
Reservoir 22 ounce (650 ml), 90+ seconds 22 ounce (650 ml), 90+ seconds
Number of Pressure Settings 10 10
Toothbrush Type Sonic Sonic
Toothbrush Modes Clean, Whiten, Massage Clean, Whiten, Massage
Size of Base 5 x 5.65 inches 5.25 x 4.40 inches
Voltage North America Only; 120VAC/60Hz North America Only; 120VAC/60Hz
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