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ADA Seal of Acceptance with green text stating ADA accepted, American Dental Association, with registered trademark symbol

WaterpikTM Water Flosser Earns the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance

First product in its class to earn the ADA Seal

March 6, 2017

Carol Jahn, Director Professional Relations & Educators

The American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs has awarded the WATERPIK water flosser the prestigious ADA Seal of Acceptance.

The Seal is awarded based on findings that the product is safe and has shown efficacy for:

  • Removing plaque along the gum line and between teeth
  • Helping prevent and reduce gingivitis

While more than 200 products carry the ADA Seal of Acceptance, the WATERPIK water flosser is the first powered interdental product to earn the Seal.

If you are unfamiliar with the ADA Seal of Acceptance, here are some important facts.

What is the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

The ADA Seal of Acceptance provides consumers with the assurance that the advertising claims about a product are scientifically sound and valid. The Seal is a symbol of safety and efficacy for over-the-counter dental products. The program began in 1931, and in 1984, President Ronald Reagan gave the ADA a certificate of commendation for the outstanding self-regulatory efforts of its Seal Program.

How did the Waterpik Water Flosser Earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

The WATERPIK water flosser is supported by a strong body of scientific evidence. To earn the Seal, the ADA requires that products demonstrate safety and efficacy via scientific data, clinical studies, and independent laboratory testing.

To date, the WATERPIK water flosser has been evaluated in 70 scientific studies. Very few self-care products can make that statement. It has been used by the public for more than 5 decades, thus providing a strong safety profile.

To learn more about the benefits of the WATERPIK water flosser, watch this video:

How is product safety evaluated?

The WATERPIK water flosser has been evaluated in 70 clinical trials, and product safety is evaluated as a routine part of the process.

Prior to the start of a study, researchers submit the study design and protocol to an institutional review board (IRB). A key purpose of the IRB is to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of clinical research participants. If the water flosser was not safe, it would likely never get approved by an IRB for clinical trials.

Once approved, studies are conducted by reputable investigators following the highest level of accepted design and protocol, which includes reporting of any adverse events that may occur during the study. Further, studies are submitted to peer-reviewed journals, which provides a third layer of review.

For what oral health benefits did the Waterpik Water Flosser earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

The WATERPIK water flosser has been shown to:

  • Help reduce plaque along the gum line and between teeth. (This is why it is in the Powered Interdental Cleaner category.)
  • Help prevent and reduce gingivitis, often a precursor to periodontal disease.

This means when used daily, as directed, the WATERPIK water flosser is an ideal choice for improving and/or maintaining good oral health especially in people who struggle with dental floss.

WATERPIK has been a trusted name in the dental products industry for many years. We are proud to have earned the Seal of Acceptance from another trusted name in dentistry, the American Dental Association.

When you purchase a WATERPIK water flosser with the ADA Seal of Acceptance you can have the confidence and assurance that you are on your way to a healthier mouth.

Look for the ADA seal on product packaging in stores and on the Shop Product pages on this website.

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