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Waterpik® Triple Sonic Toothbrush: 9X As Much Stain Removal As A Regular Toothbrush

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To determine the effectiveness of the Waterpik® Triple Sonic Toothbrush compared to a manual toothbrush on stain removal over 2-weeks.


Forty healthy adult subjects who met the inclusion criteria were randomized into two groups in this parallel, single-blind clinical trial. Extrinsic tooth stains were scored at baseline and 2-weeks by an experienced examiner using the MacPherson modification of the Lobene Stain Index (MLSI).


All subjects completed the study and there were no adverse events reported. The Triple Sonic toothbrush removed 39.7% of overall stain compared to 4.0% for the manual toothbrush. The Triple Sonic removed 38.9% of approximal stain compared to 3.1% for the manual toothbrush. Differences between the groups for composite stain and approximal scores were statistically significant in favor of the Triple Sonic Toothbrush.


The Waterpik® Triple Sonic Toothbrush removed 9 times as much stain overall and 12 times as much approximal stain compared to the manual toothbrush.