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Waterpik® Sonic-Fusion® Troubleshooting: Flosser Not Working (SF-01 and SF-02 Series Models)

Note: This article applies to the SF-01 and SF-02 series Sonic-Fusion® models only. For the Sonic-Fusion® 2.0 model series SF-03 and SF-04, wireless communication operates differently.

The Sonic-Fusion® Flossing Toothbrush uses wireless communication between the handle and the base. When communication is active, the blue light located on the front of the base turns on.

If the handle and base are separated for more than 10 minutes, the wireless communication stops and the blue light turns off. When this occurs, pressing the Floss button does not communicate to the base, and the flossing function does not start.

To re-establish the wireless connection and enable the Floss function:
  1. Place the handle in the charging dock on the base.
  2. Remove the handle from the base.
  3. The blue light should turn on, indicating wireless communication is active.
  4. The Floss button should now function.

For optimal performance and battery life, we recommend keeping the Sonic-Fusion handle in the charging base when not in use. Note that the base only charges what the battery needs, and then turns off.

If you have questions or need additional, assistance please contact customer service at 1-800-525-2774 or support@waterpik.com